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Cortexia is a boutique human factors consultancy working closely with organisations from a variety of high-risk industries. We take the latest research and turn it into real world solutions. Our work encompasses the full range of human factors applications for your projects, as well as customised programs to give your operators and business the performance edge.


You won't get a performance advantage by doing the same thing as everyone else. As much as that adage applies to your business and operations, it also applies to us. We apply cutting edge research and practices to formulate solutions that improve your results without the scientific jargon and unwieldly academic approaches. We are real world practitioners, human factors experts, ahead of our competition, with over 70 years combined experience solving complex high-risk problems.

Human Factors Expertise Cortexia


We are passionate about being innovative and finding cost-effective solutions for our clients that will be measurable and make a real impact on operations. In 2016 we even had our ethos designed into the artwork you see above! Our focus is and always will be, improving your capability, safety, efficiency and bottom line with our human factors and safety expertise.


~Our deliverables are always concise, pragmatic, cost-effective and impactful

~We keep the academic jargon out of our work without losing the science

~All our consultants are experienced with Acquisition, Project Management, Systems Engineering and Safety Engineering lifecycles

~We understand your budget matters and deliver to scale


In addition to our human factors and system safety experts below, Cortexia has developed a strong relationship with a number of Partners who provide complimentary services in organisation development, project management and culture. Dr. Damien Armenis our Human Factors Expert, is the founder and Principal Consultant of Cortexia.

Dr. Damien Armenis Cortexia

Dr. Damien Armenis
Founder & Principal Consultant

Damien is a world recognised expert in the fields of human factors, safety and critical decision making. He completed his Honours thesis in Behavioural Finance and his PhD in 2006 focussing on naturalistic decision making and hypercognition and then went on to successfully lead a major human performance research program within the Department of Defence focussing on Human Factors and Distributed Cognition. Damien has over 12 years experience designing, leading and developing human performance programs across a range of industries. He has integrated human factors on numerous projects across all lifecycle phases and has a keen understanding of the demands of complex automated systems. Damien has also designed numerous training packages focussing on hypercognition; delivering his clients a unique capability in accelerating expertise. He has played key roles on international human performance working groups and helped develop numerous international standards including CANSO's Human Performance Standard of Excellence. As a Human Factors expert, his pragmatic and results-driven focus combined with exceptional comprehension of the field and formal accreditation in Change Management, mean your operational outcomes will be second to none.

Download a copy of Damien's CV here and check out Damien's book on Decision Making Bias and Training here.

Ana Vilaca Cortexia

Ana Vilaca
Performance Research Analyst

Ana is Cortexia's Research Analyst ensuring our interventions and solutions are always leading edge and evidence-based by leveraging the latest in human, organisational and safety performance research. This requires an up to date and in-depth comprehension of the research along with a keen ability to present this information in a consolidated, succinct and pragmatic manner. Ana has over a decade's experience in research across a number of roles and high-reliability industries including healthcare, pharma and medical device manufacturing. By keeping this role in-house Cortexia is able to provide cost-effective solutions that leverage the latest evidence-based practices.

Michael Pascale Cortexia

Michael Pascale
Human Factors & Neuropsychology Specialist

Michael is an expert in applied cognition and has spent the last eight years designing and implementing empirical studies to explore, measure, and resolve human factors questions. Michael is well versed in human factors methodology which, when combined with his background in cognitive psychology, human performance, and technology, provides a strong foundation to address risk, error, and safety concerns related to attention (e.g. awareness, vigilance, capture), memory (e.g. prospective, short-term, long-term), workload (mental, physical, temporal), and usability (e.g. design, acceptance, training). Michael also has an extensive research background which guarantees that current and appropriate techniques are always being used, and that all procedures are rigorously controlled to produce the most representative, and meaningful design decisions.

Clifford Morgan

Organisational Psychologist

Amelia Moyes

Human Factors Analyst

Rob Weaver

System Safety Specialist

Lizzy Smith


Human Factors Services

We deliver big results for our clients across high-reliability and high-risk industries. 

RailConnect NSW Human Factors Assurance

RailConnect NSW Human Factors Assurance

Airservices Sydney Control Tower Cabin Assessment

Airservices Sydney Control Tower Cabin Assessment

Citipower Powercor Fair & Just Culture

Citipower Powercor Fair & Just Culture

Citipower Powercor Human Performance Workshops

Citipower Powercor Human Performance Workshops

Citipower Powercor Switching Operations Diagnostic

Citipower Powercor Switching Operations Diagnostic



We integrate pragmatic human factors approaches into your existing Project Delivery and Systems Engineering processes to ensure your systems are optimised for delivering big results in both safety and operational performance.


Our Operations Diagnostic provides you with an in-depth and results-driven analysis of your current operations including both strengths and weaknesses. Our unique human performance perspective gives you a more holistic approach to improving process, procedures, and most importantly, results.


Our Performance Workshops and training solutions provide your high-risk, high-reliability operators with the practical tools to reach their peak performance and perform under a tighter safety envelope.


Cortexia has a proven track record in delivering proven and pragmatic Safety Management System artefacts across the safety and human performance spectrum. Whether it's a regulatory requirement or a drive to be a world leader in safety benchmarks, Cortexia can help you accomplish big results.


Cortexia has designed and implemented a number of Fair and Just Culture Decision Tools and Procedures. We customise the program to your business and advise on implementation strategy based on best practice and our lessons learnt.


We are experts in implementing automation; from design to the change management essentials of automation introduction, our team ensure your efficiency and performance gains are maximised and maintained.


Understanding and controlling risk is a critical aspect of operations. By helping you identify, monitor and control human risk, Cortexia's Human Error Management Systems (HEMS) unleash the potential of your operations to deliver big, bottom-line improvements.


Our proven Day 2 Day Safety Audit & Coaching Program allows you to capture accurate pictures of your current operational risk profile, along with strategies on how to go from mechanistic, public compliance to true safety citizenship behaviour.


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