Special Forces Human Factors

The Rundown:

Cortexia developed a world-first Distributed Cognition Research Program in response to a request to improve cognitive and complex decision making performance of ADF Special Forces personnel and better prepare dismounted infantry for the increasing use of technology on the battlefield.

Distributed Cognition places added importance on the environment and technology we use to make decisions. Cognition is not purely a venture occurring within the skull, but a series of complex interactions between the mind, its environment and the tools we use to achieve our goals.

Dr. Damien Armenis, one of Cortexia’s Directors is a recognised expert in this field and led this program for the Department of Defence.

The Result:

The program was applied in focus and resulted in an effective cognitive framework for dismounted infantry operations as well as a number of novel training and selection mechanisms. The Department of Defence are also able to now use a novel analysis approach to better understand technology insertion and cognitive performance.

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