WE TRANSFORM SCIENCE INTO financial performance.

When money matters, performance matters. Human factors for banking and finance reduces likelihood of human error and improves risk management.

"…errors have a history. Discovering an error is the beginning of a search for causes, not the end. Only by understanding the circumstances…can we hope to limit the chances of their recurrence."

Dr. James Reason

Human factors for Banking & Finance; reducing error and increasing profit.

Human Factors for Banks


By uplifting investigation and analysis practices, and empowering employees to identify operational threats and manage human error, human factors acts as a driver for reduced errors, enhanced corporate reputation and better targeted interventions.

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Proven Benefits

Cortexia's Ultra-Resilience Program has been proven to reduce costs, errors, near misses and enhance productivity. We stand alone as global leaders in Banking & Finance human factors.

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Whether you are a trader executing an order or an associate processing a transaction; your role will often require sustained focus, minimal tolerance for error and repetitive manual processing. Cortexia is your answer to transforming the latest in high-reliability best practice into reduced error, improved risk outcomes, enhanced reputation and increased profit. We can assist with:



  • Designing Human Error Management Systems that allow you to identify trends and target interventions in order to reduce human error, near misses and financial loss
  • Implementing Risk Monitoring Solutions that allow you to identify more accurate risk profiles of your operations
  • Threat & Error Management Workshops for operational staff in order to reduce the likelihood of human error for transactions and processing
  • Augmenting Incident Investigation Procedures based on human factors best practice in order to move focus from single root 'causes' to contributing factors and systemic issues
  • Just Culture Programs that create an environment where staff feel safe to report errors
  • Independent and Best Practice Incident Investigations
  • Cyber Security uplift using tailored human behaviour frameworks and investigation taxonomies focussed on systemic cybersecurity issues

Cortexia's Argos Protocol

Manage your human risk. Reduce errors. Increase profits.


Commonwealth Bank of Australia Human Factors & Ultra-Resilience Program

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Human Factors & Ultra-Resilience Program

World leading performance workshops, tailored for banking & finance; developed alongside sport psychologists, elite military personnel and cognitive scientists.

Threat & Error Management Training

Human Error Countermeasures Training

Based on the Threat & Error Management model, Cortexia's human error countermeasures workshops build staff's Hypercognition and Executive Functioning in the brain's frontal lobe. Enhance performance and reduce error with proven countermeasures adapted to your organisation.

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Team Performance Training

Our Team Resource Management (TRM) Workshops help your critical teams work more effectively under extreme pressure. Improve situation awareness, communication and coordination.

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