Humans make errors

Evidence shows that no matter how many controls, workarounds and automations are put in place, humans will inevitably make errors. Banks have a busy, ‘set and forget’ operational environment, where such errors can result in brand and reputation damaging failures. Network outages or Know Your Client errors for example can result in negative impacts that linger long after the negative press has abated.

Systemic approach to performance and risk

Through a focus on systemic issues rather than individual employees, Cortexia were able to improve operational performance and risk outcomes. Our proven ultra-resilience solution not only measurably decreases operational risk, but also improves team performance, error resilience, and employee wellbeing.

Proven risk management innovation for finance sector

After conducting a comprehensive operational diagnostic, Cortexia was able to tailor a bespoke investigation procedure that focussed on latent and systemic issues impacting risk outcomes for the Bank. We then initiated a world's first Banking Just Culture program within the Operations Group, significantly enhancing near miss and error data. A Resilience Skills program was tailored and run in parallel, providing front-line staff the skills to identify and manage threats that can contribute to human error.



Banking Human Factors Results


For the full case study outlining a more detailed account of the bank’s problem and its solution using mature and proven human factors interventions, please contact us. If you would like to discuss the case study and its possible application to your business needs, please feel free to reach out; we would be pleased to arrange a complementary workshop.


Human Factors & Banking