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Winning Hearts and Minds in High-Reliability Industries: The Role of Human Performance in Persistent Front-Line Behavior Change.

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Human Factors in the Introduction of Automated Systems in Safety-Critical Industries.

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Using Human Factors Methods to Optimise Sydney Tower’s Digitisation - Session Chair

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Decision-making in the pre-hospital emergency environment. Critical thinking and patient safety.

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The Psychology of Formula One: Using Human Factors to Unlock Drivers’ Inner World

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Toward a Human Performance Standard of Excellence in Air Traffic Management

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An experiment on the utility of Blue Force Tracker: The costs and benefits of having God’s eye view

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Cortexia Human Factors & Safety Australia

Extending the NATO Framework for Modeling and Trials: A Novel Approach to Assessing Technology Insertion

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Human Factors in C2 Assessment.

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A System of Systems Based Framework for Analysing the Impact of New Army C2 Tactical Capabilities on Mission Outcomes.

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Distributed Cognition within Military Systems.

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Training and Investigating Promotion Decision Making

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Recognizing Potential: A Naturalistic Investigation of Employee Promotion Decisions

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Dealing with battlefield complexity: A decision maker’s perspective.

8th Asia-Pacific Complex Systems Conference, Gold Coast, AUS 2007.

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