Mining Human Factors WE TRANSFORM SCIENCE INTO mining performance. See how Banking and Finance Human Factors WE TRANSFORM SCIENCE INTO financial performance. See how WE TRANSFORM SCIENCE INTO patient safety performance. See how WE TRANSFORM SCIENCE INTO emergency service performance. See how WE TRANSFORM SCIENCE INTO reduced lap times. See how Military Human Factors WE TRANSFORM SCIENCE INTO mission and combat performance. See how ATC Human Factors WE TRANSFORM SCIENCE INTO air traffic control performance. See how

Cortexia is, first and foremost, a human factors consultancy. We are known for using the latest research and leading edge practice to develop practical, cost-effective solutions that improve your operational performance and safety, while also saving you money. We understand your demanding operational environment and the pressures your operators are under. This is why all of our solutions and approaches are designed with you in mind.

Our human factors consultants provide expertise across the human capability spectrum in all high-risk, high-reliability industries:

  • Project & Acquisition Support
  • Fatigue Risk Management Systems
  • Just Culture
  • HFE Screens
  • SMS & Human Factors Guidance/Documentation
  • Human Factors Engineering (Sys Eng & Human Factors Integration)
  • Research & Development
  • Human Factors Assurance & Reporting
  • Independent HF Investigations
  • Risk Based Training Needs Analysis
  • Automation Implementation & Evaluation
  • Usability Analysis, Ergonomics & Design (HMI & UID)
  • Human Factors Assessment (Workload, Vigilance, Error, and Situation Awareness)
  • Human Factors Workshops & Masterclasses
  • Operations Diagnostics
  • Threat & Error Management Workshops

We are human factors experts and understand the full range of industry standards and methods. Our solutions are never generic, and always tailored to your project and operational needs. We are confident that we can enhance your business performance, minimise risk, and streamline operations.

If you would like to increase the reliability of your organisation, reduce human error, and maximise performance, please contact us.

Human Performance Military

“Cortexia have an excellent understanding of Cognitive Psychology and are innovative in application of those techniques in the Defence environment.”


Vic Demczuk – Human Factors Manager

Finance Human Factors

“Cortexia delivered a series of decision making workshops for some of our brokers, traders and analysts, along with a Human Error Management System. They were able to concisely break through the science and jargon to provide our staff with pragmatic tools they can apply every day at the trading desk to minimise human error. Cortexia’s error management system is now allowing our Risk team to better monitor and assess our human risk. Both subjective feedback from the staff and objective measurable financial performance have been very favorable. We will be using Cortexia again.”

Tom Simmons – Vice President

BAE Human Performance“Cortexia provided excellent service to our project. Their work helped us assess the feasibility of an automated system and helped us with its implementation.”


Tony Silvestro – Portfolio Manager