Cortexia's Human Error Management Systems (HEMS) create a systematic approach for your business to managing human risk and error. By helping you identify, monitor and control human risk, Cortexia's HEMS unleash the potential of your operations to deliver big, bottom-line improvements. We can build your HEMS from the ground up with an integrated software component and human error guidance or simply enhance your existing safety or risk management system.

HEMS are becoming increasingly popular within the finance and motorsport industries where human error and certain human factors can have detrimental consequences.

Led by Dr. Damien Armenis, Cortexia can take the latest human error, risk and cognition research, and apply it to your tailor designed HEMS for your requirements. The resulting HEMS allows you to monitor, assess and mitigate the human-related risk within your operations and service.

We are confident that we can enhance your business performance, minimise risk, and streamline operations. If you would like to improve your results and believe we can help, please contact us.


Goldman Sachs Human Error Management System

Goldman Sachs Human Error Management System