Slide Tailored human factors, performance and safety workshops for high-reliability and high-risk industries.

Train above the neck with Threat & Error Management (TEM): Improved performance and reduced error.

Threat & Error Management (TEM) was developed with a focus on human performance in aviation operations. The core aim behind Cortexia's TEM programs is to develop a mind-set for your staff which enhances the identification of threats, minimises the opportunities for error, and resolves those errors when they do occur. This is coupled with a focus on organisational systemic issues which are impacting your operations. Our TEM programs are developed alongside sport psychologists, elite military personnel and cognitive scientists, building staff Executive Functioning with an improved organisational anticipation of high risk events. We enhance performance and reduce error with proven countermeasures and interventions adapted to your organisation.

Threat & Error Management Training

Realise the full potential of Cortexia's TEM Workshops

Improved Brain Executive Functioning
Heightened Focus & Vigilance
Emergency Situation Conditioning
Control in the Face of Adversity
Improved Decision Making and Reduced Error Under Pressure
Heightened Ability to Visualise Operational Options
Cortexia TEM Manual

Threat & Error Manuals form the foundation to improved individual, group and organisational performance.

By directly observing your operations and personnel we gain an in-depth understanding which allows us to identify the relevant operational threats and develop effective countermeasures and organisational interventions.

TEM Training
Your industry demands performance at the highest level. From Lineworkers to Financial Traders, Cortexia is your answer to transforming science into operational performance. We:

  • Design and tailor TEM Manuals to your unique operations, identifying threats and errors with direct observations
  • Leverage our network of elite military personnel and sport psychologists to tailor effective countermeasures and interventions
  • Identify organisational interventions that address systemic threats
  • Design our workshops to allow operators to apply the training on the same day of delivery
  • Are recognised experts in the field of human performance, human factors, cognition, contextual inquiry and decision making

From Surgeons to Miners; Cortexia's workshops improve both operational and safety performance.