We understand advanced cognitive performance.

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1. Microcognition

The core of all human performance; our ‘inner world’ of what is happening around us. These elements are the foundation to the more advanced cognitive functions elite operators perform on a daily basis.

2. Macrocognition

The key to performance in complex environments; being able to respond and adapt given any situation. Macrocognition allows operators to make timely decisions, under extreme pressure, while also being coordinated with other operators.

3. Hypercognition

Elite performance-critical operators are able to surpass the cognitive functions of most people by ‘thinking about their thinking’. Hypercognition is used by operators to enhance their macrocognitive skills and heighten their focus, vigilance, confidence, response speed and cognitive conditioning.

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Human Error Countermeasures Training

Based on the Threat & Error Management model, Cortexia's human error countermeasures workshops build operators' Hypercognition and Executive Functioning in the brain's frontal lobe. Enhance performance and reduce error with proven countermeasures adapted to your organisation.

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Team Performance Training

Our Team Resource Management (TRM) Workshops help your critical teams work more effectively and safely under extreme pressure. Improve situation awareness, communication and coordination.

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