Human Factors in Network Operations

The Rundown:

Cortexia were asked to apply our unique diagnostic model to TasNetwork's Switching Operations. Though performing relatively well in terms of safety incidents, TasNetworks were keen to identify areas of both strengths and weaknesses relative to other high reliability industries.

The Result:

Our review took a holistic approach with our consultants spending a full two weeks embedded with TasNetwroks Operators while on Switching Operations. Our findings were grouped into key strategic initiatives which TasNetworks was able to immediately integrate into their existing OPEX program to reduce operational switching incidents.

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Finance Human Factors

“Cortexia delivered a series of decision making workshops for some of our brokers, traders and analysts, along with a Human Error Management System. They were able to concisely break through the science and jargon to provide our staff with pragmatic tools they can apply every day at the trading desk to minimise human error. Cortexia’s error management system is now allowing our Risk team to better monitor and assess our human risk. Both subjective feedback from the staff and objective measurable financial performance have been very favorable. We will be using Cortexia again.”

Tom Simmons – Vice President