HFE Screen Oil and GasOil and Gas Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Screen

The Rundown:

In 2023, Cortexia conducted a Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Screen using the IOGP Report 454 standard, along with a Preliminary Human Factors Assessment (PHFA), and a high-level Human Error Assessment and Reduction Technique (HEART) analysis for their new coal seam gas extraction drill rig. These assessments allowed the identification of any existing HFE issues/risks related to the operation of the coal seam gas extraction drill rig and the most appropriate HFE strategy to support the safe and effective design of the future coal seam gas extraction drill rig.

The Result:

Cortexia Preliminary Human Factors Assessment (PHFA) was able to identify human performance risks and issues, while the HFE Screen aided in the design of a Human Factors Strategy for the new rig. The Human Error Assessment and Reduction Technique (HEART) analysis effectively identified human error risks associated with drilling operations along with pragmatic controls that would improve the design of the new rig. Three days of observations were also undertaken to identify any ergonomic issues with the existing design.

Our resulting report included detailed recommendations for the design of the rig, allowing Savanna Energy to address multiple design risks and improve operational safety. The resulting design was safer and more effective for drilling operations, permitting use in Australian operations.

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