Train above the neck with Threat & Error Management (TEM): Improve performance and reduce error.

Threat & Error Management Training Australia

Realise the full potential of Cortexia's TEM Workshops.

Improved Brain Executive Functioning
Increased Mental Toughness
Heightened Focus & Vigilance
Emergency Situation Conditioning
Increased Confidence
Control in the Face of Adversity
Improved Decision Making and Reduced Error Under Pressure
Heightened Ability to Visualise Operational Options

Training for the high-reliability operator.

TEM Training
Your job demands performance at the highest level. From Lineworkers to Financial Traders, Cortexia is your answer to transforming science into operational performance. We:

  • Customise our TEM Workshop to your unique operational and business requirements
  • Identify your unique threats and errors with ride-alongs and observations
  • Leverage our network of elite military personnel and sport psychologists to tailor effective countermeasures
  • Work to your budget and schedule
  • Design our workshops to allow operators to apply the training on the same day of delivery
  • Deliver our workshops on-location (including in-situ coaching)
  • Are recognised experts in the field of human performance, human factors, cognition, contextual inquiry and decision making
  • Also cater to high pressure corporate industries such as the legal and finance industry

From surgeons to miners; Cortexia's workshops improve both operational and safety performance.

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Human Factors Consultancy Australia