Train above the neck to reduce error, improve decision making and heighten focus.

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Training for the high-reliability operator.

TEM Training
Your job demands performance at the highest level. From Lineworkers to Financial Traders, Cortexia is your answer to transforming science into operational performance. We:

  • Customise our TEM Workshop to your unique operational and business requirements
  • Leverage our network of elite military personnel and sport psychologists to tailor effective countermeasures
  • Work to your budget and schedule
  • Have designed our workshops to allow operators to apply the training on the same day of delivery
  • Deliver our workshops on-location (including in-situ coaching)
  • Are recognised experts in the field of human performance, human factors, cognition and decision making
  • Also cater to high pressure corporate industries such as the legal and finance industry

From surgeons to pilots; Cortexia's workshops work.


Realise the full potential of Hypercognition.

Improved Brain Executive Functioning
Increased Mental Toughness
Heightened Focus & Vigilance
Emergency Situation Conditioning
Increased Confidence
Control in the Face of Adversity
Improved Decision Making and Reduced Error Under Pressure
Heightened Ability to Visualise Operational Options
Human Factors Consultancy
Human Factors Consultants Australia
Human Factors Consultancy Australia