Cortexia are the first to introduce a Day 2 Day human risk audit program within the finance industry. The program focuses on identifying a clear snapshot of your company's day-to-day risk and error propensity, rather than relying on one-off incidents or errors. This provides your investment firm with a more accurate picture of risk, trading threats, and the tools for your workforce to act on them.

Our Day 2 Day Human Risk Audit Program combines an in-depth decision making and human error audit process with tailored coaching, delivered by our international expert on decision making and error Dr. Damien Armenis. The Program is a true performance leading indicator and uses the Threat and Error Management model as a foundation for the audit. A 3 day training program is provided to selected front line operators in the audit process and on how to coach on-the-job after the audit is complete. As the audit is anonymous, traders don't feel threatened and there is little risk of getting 'inside their loop' while they are on the trading floor.

Cortexia also take care of the yearly data collection and analysis, acting as an independent party for the reporting back to your firm. Our Day 2 Day Human Risk Audit Program provides your company a realistic picture of your risk, a more reliable performance leading indicator, and a evidence-based platform to develop strategies on how to reduce errors more effectively and ultimately increase your profits.

Finance Human Risk Audit