Banking Human Factors
Banking Human Factors

The Rundown:

Cortexia developed a world's first large-scale Human Factors / Performance Program introducing Just Culture, Threat & Error Management, Contributory Factors and Occurrence Investigations into the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's (CBA) existing business functions. The focus was to build CBA's Ultra-Resilient Capability using a dedicated specialist team embedded within CBA for over 6 months.

The Result:

Cortexia was able to deliver a significant enhancement in CBA's ability to identify organisational systemic factors and improve the ability to target interventions that will have an impact on both error rate and financial performance. This was coupled with Cortexia's world-leading Threat & Error Management workshops for staff, enhancing CBA's ability to identify and manage threats to operations.

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Finance Human Factors

“Cortexia delivered a series of decision making workshops for some of our brokers, traders and analysts, along with a Human Error Management System. They were able to concisely break through the science and jargon to provide our staff with pragmatic tools they can apply every day at the trading desk to minimise human error. Cortexia’s error management system is now allowing our Risk team to better monitor and assess our human risk. Both subjective feedback from the staff and objective measurable financial performance have been very favorable. We will be using Cortexia again.”

Tom Simmons – Vice President