Cortexia are the first to introduce a Day 2 Day operational audit and coaching program outside of the aviation industry. Our Day 2 Day Safety Audit Program combines a non-threatening peer audit process with intensive coaching training to provide high reliability organisations not only with a realistic assessment of their day-to-day operating threats, errors and risks, but also the tools for their workforce to improve them. This provides your organisation with validated leading indicators rather than relying on one-off incidents or lag indicators to build your risk picture.

The Program is a true safety leading indicator and uses the Threat and Error Management model as a foundation for the peer observational audit. A 3 day training program is provided to selected front line operators in the audit process and on how to coach on-the-job after the audit is complete. As the audit is anonymous, operators don't feel threatened and there is little risk of getting 'inside their loop' while they perform safety critical tasks.

Cortexia also take care of the yearly data collection and analysis, acting as an independent party for the reporting back to your organisation. Such an approach has made a significant safety impact in the aviation industry (see the LOSA Program for example), and Cortexia have already proven the utility of our Day 2 Day Safety Audit Program in the mining industry.

"We went from a mechanistic and public safety compliance mentality in our workforce to a mentality of Safety Citizenship and guys demonstrating good behaviours when no one was looking. This took less than 12 months thanks to Cortexia's program."

Our Day 2 Day Safety Audit Program provides your company a realistic picture of your risk, a more reliable safety leading indicator, and a evidence-based platform to develop strategies on how to manage that risk more effectively. See the pathway in the figure below.