When fractions of a second matter, performance matters.

Cortexia understands the motorsport industry and the types of dynamic pressures your drivers and crew need to operate under.


Podium finishes demand performance at the highest level, across the entire team. Whether your team are aiming for a NASCAR, V8 Supercars or Formula One Title, Cortexia is your answer to transforming science into reduced lap times. Our out-of-the-box thinking and cutting edge human factors approaches can assist you with:

  • Human Performance Improvement Programs and Guidance
    Human Factors
  • Workload, Vigilance, Error, and Situation Awareness Assessment
  • Human & Fatigue Risk Management
  • Critical Decision Making Analysis and Training
  • Team Performance & Coordination Training
  • Design Support
  • Human Factors Guidance/Documentation
  • Requirements Specification
  • System/Technology Evaluation
  • Human Factors Cases
  • Usability Analysis & Design
  • Training Design, Delivery and Assessment
  • Safety & Performance Culture



Success can only be achieved with drivers, crew and support staff who understand their actions need to adapt to the challenges and pressures they face. Our Performance and Focus Workshops give your drivers and support crew an enhanced ability to adapt and keep calm while making high-risk critical decisions in a fast, safe and effective manner.


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