Cortexia is, first and foremost, a human factors consultancy. We are known for using the latest research and leading edge practice to develop practical, cost-effective solutions that improve your operational performance and safety, while also saving you money. We understand your demanding operational environment and the pressures your operators are under. This is why all of our solutions and approaches are designed with you in mind.

We can provide our expertise across the human capability spectrum in all high-pressure, high-reliability industries:

  • Project & Acquisition Support
  • Fatigue Risk Management Systems
  • Fair & Just Culture Programs
  • Capability Development (CONOPS & OCD Input)
  • Research & Development
  • Human Factors Assurance & Reporting
  • Risk Based Training Needs Analysis
  • Automation Design, Implementation & Evaluation
  • SMS & Human Factors Guidance/Documentation
  • Human Factors Engineering (Sys Eng & Human Factors Integration)
  • Human Error Management Systems
  • Usability Analysis, Ergonomics & Design (HMI & UID)
  • Human Factors Assessment
  • Advanced Training Design, Delivery and Assessment
  • Human Performance Improvement Programs and Guidance
  • Workload, Vigilance, Error, and Situation Awareness Assessment
  • Human Factors Workshops & Masterclasses
  • Operations Diagnostics
  • Threat & Error Management Workshops

We are human factors experts and understand the full range of industry standards and methods. Our solutions are never generic, and always tailored to your project and operational needs. We are confident that we can enhance your business performance, minimise risk, and streamline operations.

If you would like to increase the reliability of your organisation, reduce human error, and maximise performance, please contact us.


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