Automation has many potential benefits, including reducing operator workload and increasing operational efficiencies. However, there are numerous potential pitfalls with automation that are often only discovered during its implementation and operation.

Unknowingly introducing automation with these latent deficiencies often leads to operators losing a critical aspect of their cognitive loop, struggling to use the system or using the system in ways that were not intended.

Cortexia has a wealth of knowledge and experience in advising effective human-centred automation design as well as having developed industry benchmark guidance. Dr. Damien Armenis, Cortexia's Principal Consultant, designed Airservices Australia's Automation Design and Evaluation Standard, and has advised other Air Navigation Service Providers and Australian Defence Branches on automation design issues.

We can confidently and competently advise on automation design and evaluation to ensure that your system is trusted by its operators and is fit for purpose both from a safety and operational perspective.


Airservices Sydney Control Tower Cabin Assessment

Airservices Sydney Control Tower Cabin Assessment


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